Photo of Jennifer Lopez where she covers herself only with her hands!

Photo of Jennifer Lopez where she covers herself only with her hands! | AP

The singer and actress Jennifer Lopez appears in a Photo that some Internet users shared a long time ago, where she is shown without any garment, she is posing very flirtatious, just covering her charms with both hands.

Jennifer Lopez who today is the actor’s partner again Ben affleck, is shown in this artistic image posing like a diva, although she is not wearing anything, she always manages to keep her glamor intact.

Like all a celebrity of the show business and social networks the beautiful singer and protagonist of the film “Gigli“next to his current partner, he handles perfectly any type of photographs in which he stars, he may well wear a simple outfit, something ostentatious or, in this case, not wear anything and look spectacular.

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Sure your exquisite figure It helps a lot, as it is in this case, as a result of constant exercise and a balanced diet.

In the image we can see the Diva from the Bronxs with a bob cut and her natural hair tone, which only rarely have we seen her with a different or very subtle tone.

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Her makeup looks quite simple and natural, maybe she just wanted to highlight her physical features and decided not to burden her face with so much makeup to match this natural look.

It is more than evident that she is not wearing anything and that is why she had to cover her upper charms with her hands, the image is cut shortly before reaching her waist and the background is dark so that everything in it stands out.


This publication was made through Twitter on November 25, 2020, something interesting about the photograph of JLo is that a kind of reflection is shown as if you were in front of a mirror when the photo was taken.

There have been few occasions when Jennifer Lopez usually appears without any garment in her social media publications, we continually see her show off her figure wearing a swimsuit or quite tiny clothes, but not so much without having anything on top as it happened with this one ago. anus.

On her Instagram she has a photo where she also appears without any garment and you can see a little more of her body as she is posing in profile, this was published on the same day as the one mentioned above, but unlike she was the one who posted on his official Instagram account.

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It could be possible that it is the same photo shoot because she has the same haircut and the background is also dark, in case it is from the same session this was taken by the singer for the cover of her new single “In the morning“in which in his official video he appears without any garment, like an angel only with his wings.

This single was released on January 15, 2021 on his YouTube channel, it has almost five million views on his own channel and a little more than 6 thousand comments.

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The fact of choosing only one photo to appear on the cover of either a magazine or in this case of its single is quite a complicated job, especially because she in particular usually appears perfect in each and every one of her photos.

Probably for a photo session maybe hundreds of photos should have been taken, the impressive thing in that only a few of them are those that appear doing promotion on the Internet, like the one published a year ago.

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