Photo of her 19 years, Maribel Guardia and her evolution as a model

Photo of her 19 years, Maribel Guardia and her evolution as a model | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful model Y Costa Rican driver Maribel Guardia has had an incredible evolution over time and this time we will tackle a photograph in which we were able to observe her 19 years and demonstrated its great ability to keep up to now at its 62 years old.

This is a photograph that was published in social media, in which a version of Maribel appears at 19 years old and another at 61, although of course we will leave you here a more current one at 62 years old, showing that she has a silhouette that does not stop looking phenomenal throughout the weather.

The most curious thing of all is that in the photos it seems to be using the same blue swimsuit although of course it is a very different one and another super remarkable thing is that in truth her figure is just as slender and looks just as exercised as before, with an enviable abdomen that has more paintings than a museum.

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Besides the face of the Costa Rican It remains very similar to how it was seen before, so many users commented that what kind of witchcraft was that or why it does not age of course it is noticeable in some differences, but those in charge of making the arrangements have made an effort because look the most natural possible.

This piece of entertainment has attracted the attention of many Internet users who came to give their I would like to comment on everything they think about theories and even some congratulating her for her great work and effort since we all know that she has a personal gym inside her home and that he does not stop exercising every day to stay that way.


It is also very important to mention a situation that Maribel Guardia is currently experiencing and that is that she changed the television cameras for a photo camera that is dedicated to capturing her while wearing various sets of clothes, all of this to promote the stores that told her as an official ambassador. .

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For this reason, Maribel has been able to stay at home taking care of herself, however, as in the United States, and most people are vaccinated, the shows are reopened and Maribel Guardia is visiting California and especially yesterday she had one of her presentations in that place.

In Show News we will continue to share all her novelties, curiosities and of course the attractive photographs that she will surely be sharing with us very soon to continue letting us know those stores where we can buy those same dresses that she uses.

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