Photo of Georgina Rodríguez wearing her natural figure!

Photo of Georgina Rodríguez wearing her natural figure! (Instagram)

Photo of Georgina Rodríguez wearing her natural figure! | Instagram

The pretty model of Spanish Argentine origin Georgina Rodríguez wife of Cristiano Ronaldo the renowned footballer, appeared in a photograph in which he appears wearing his completely natural figure looking as flirtatious as possible.

Georgina Rodriguez also known as Georgina Gio has become a professional model as well as an influencer on social networks, currently has more than 23 million 700 thousand followers, thanks to the fact that the beautiful model became the partner of Cristiano Ronaldo, her popularity quickly began to grow instantly.

It was through his official account Instagram where she shared this photograph, in it she is leaning on an armchair apparently, nothing can be distinguished because only two colors are seen in the background, a dark green followed by a black color in the part where her figure is perched.

15 hours ago that the model shared this publication in that short time, it already has about two and a half million like’s and almost 20 thousand comments.


Her admirers quickly began to write her many phrases that enhance her beauty, especially since she apparently appears completely natural, being accompanied by a bag from Gucci, the renowned Italian brand of luxury products, this is quite large because it covers part of the body by Georgina Rodríguez when we have the information.

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The model of the bag that Georgina Gio is carrying is brown, this design is characterized by having the brand printed as a pattern throughout the piece, it also has brown leather details, in the center part it has inlaid slats one in green and the second one in the middle is red, on top of them there is a piece of leather with gold metal, this is a clasp to secure the beautiful bag.

Part of the figure that is noticeable of Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife are her hips, her shoulders and one of her legs, it seems that she is perfectly tanned, in the description of the photograph the model only wrote “Carpe Diem”.

Some of the comments that have been made to the model are about how beautiful she looks, many of them are in English, Spanish and other languages, there is no doubt that Georgina has fans that are all over the world, this is normal among celebrities from social networks is that they have fans around the world.

Is there someone you like as much as I do ?, wrote a fan.

Something curious about the model is that she has only 553 publications, the oldest being the one she shared last May 30, 2015 in which despite her face not appearing, it is immediately identified that it is her because in several He has sometimes made the same pose when taking pictures.

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Georgina Rodríguez studied ballet when she was little, however as she grew up she realized that she would not have the figure of a professional dancer due to her large curves so she had to stop practicing it.

From the first moment in which the beautiful model and influencer of social networks shared photographs, the like’s in her first publication more than 200 thousand red hearts, the model began to have great popularity for the aforementioned when she was a couple of Cristiano Ronaldo with whom by the way he has been putting off his wedding

Currently the model and the footballer live extremely in love with their children, with whom they share pleasant moments in constant occasions as they let us know in their publications, especially Georgina Gio.