The RPG of Fairy Tail is about to be released next August 30th, so it is normal that Koei Tecmo and Gust are putting all the meat on the grill to make it a complete success. However, when it launches, this game will not have all the content it can offer, since in a recent streaming with the dubbing actors Natsu, Wendy and Erza it has been revealed who will be the first downloadable content to which players will have access, both the one that will be free and those that will require checking out again.

Fairy Tail unveils and presents its first DLC, one free and several paid

Those who get a copy of Fairy Tail may have access to various DLC next August 6 2020, of which there will be one free and several paid. On the one hand, the free will be the photography mode, which will allow us to modify at our whim the poses and costumes of the characters in our group, but also place them in the environment we want; and also we will also have filters, frames, the possibility of changing the time of day and various switches that will allow us to activate or deactivate the animations of the NPCs and the enemies.

On the other hand, if we want to be able to controlling characters like Lyon Vastia, Levy McGarden, Lisanna Strauss and Elfman Strauss, which are already included in the game as uncontrollable guest characters, we will have to pass by cashier. But these will not be the only paid DLC, since they will go on sale the same day various costume packs, with 16 costumes eachThey are called « Anime Final Season », « Variety » and « Special Swimsuit ».

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