Photo Kimberly Loaiza hits with a Thalía-style waistband | Instagram

Was a touch-up done? Exercise and diet? The truth is, nobody knows what Kimberly Loaiza did but she looks really spectacular, which is demonstrated in her most recent photograph on social networks where she boasts a tremendous Thalía-style waistband.

The famous singer Thalía became popular with the legend that she had removed two ribs to be the owner of such a tiny waist, something that was never proven, but the truth is that if that waist is the goal of the youtuber, she is on the right track .

The Lindura Mayor looks really beautiful in the photo she shared on her Instagram account where she can be seen wearing light high pants and a black crop top that highlights her Small waist.

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The outfit was accompanied by comfortable white sneakers and dark glasses, she touched her hair, so she took the opportunity to ask her followers if they preferred it blonde or brown.

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Does anyone miss my blonde hair? I a little , wrote next to the image.

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Kimberly Loaiza recently spoke on social networks about the rumors that she had undergone cosmetic surgery in Colombia to improve their appearance.

The youtuber flatly denied these facts and thanked those who thought so, since in her opinion, it means that she looks much better.