Phoenix suns won Dallas mavericks by 128-102 on a new NBA day. In the previous round, the Phoenix Suns players won against Philadelphia 76ers 117-130, so after the game they complete a streak of nine straight wins. For their part, the Dallas Mavericks lost in their previous clash with Portland Trail Blazers 131-134, completing a three-game losing streak in the last five games. With this result, for the moment Phoenix suns would be left out of the Play-offs with 33 victories in 72 games played, while Dallas mavericksAfter the game, he continues in Play-off positions with 43 games won out of 74 played. Check the NBA standings after the duel.


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The first quarter featured the two contenders, with alternations on the scoreboard, in fact, the locals got a 13-2 run during the quarter, although the local team finally ended up distancing themselves and concluded with a score of 36-25. Later, in the second quarter, the locals increased their difference, in fact, they achieved another partial in this quarter of 11-0 and came to win by 19 points (74-55) during the quarter, which ended with a partial result of 40 -32. After this, the rivals came to rest with a 76-57 on the counter.

During the third quarter the local team players increased their difference again, in fact, they achieved a partial during this quarter of 13-2 and had a maximum difference of 28 points (97-69) and the fourth ended with a result 28-22 partial and 104-79 total. Finally, during the last quarter, the players from Phoenix suns, increased the difference to a maximum of 27 points (125-98) and the fourth ended with a partial result of 24-23. After all this, the match ended with a score of 128-102 for Phoenix suns.

The triumph of Phoenix suns It was due in part thanks to the 27 points, five assists and seven rebounds of Devin Booker and the 16 points, two assists and six rebounds of Dario Saric. The 18 points, three assists and 20 rebounds of Boban marjanovic and the 18 points and five rebounds of Luka doncic they were not enough for Dallas mavericks could win the game.