Philadelphia 76ers would be open to transferring their first round of the draft

Three days before the 2021 draft, the Sixers have shown they are willing to go through their first round. Even the second. Philadelphia has the 28th and 50th picks, insufficient for a team that intends to remain a contender for the ring next season. Keith Pompey tells the Philadelphia Inquirer that the objectives would be to receive a veteran player or future elections in exchange.

Daryl Morey isn’t very keen on exercising his draft picks, preferring to use them for immediate value in return. With the Houston Rockets, his last first-round pick was Sam Decker in the 2015 draft with number 18. In addition, the general manager accepts the acquisition of Tyrese Maxey in the last draft, proving himself a very useful player in the rotation of Doc Rivers despite starting from 21st.

So the Sixers can be expected to be one of the night’s cheerleaders, although their offseason has bigger business to attend to. Their entire summer goes through the decisions made regarding Ben Simmons’ departure and how they can surround Joel Embiid from there.

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