The process may come to an end without being completed. Philadelphia 76ers He went through a true odyssey in the desert for years in order to bet on a splendorous future with the help of Ben simmons, Joel embiid and other draft picks. But everything has been distorted in the city of brotherly love. The disappointment of the Markelle Fultz case and Elton Brand’s commitment last year when deciding that it was time to leave the vision of the future behind and go for all or nothing at that time, made everything different and that this season has been an accumulation of bad decisions that have been joined by very bad luck.

They did not get the title with Butler, Harris, Reddick, Ilyasova, Belinelli and many other players who completed a dream squad that could only know the nightmare with that launch of Kawhi leonard in the last second. The board became nervous when faced with a set of contracts that were impossible to keep and made the decision to sign Embiid’s nemesis. It seemed like a good move to nullify a leading rival by snatching his best center, Al Horford, and taking away the best defender of the African in the league, making him an ally. But that was only possible with a weakening of the perimeter that has ended up being deadly.

It seemed clear that these Sixers were worse than last season even with all their pieces, but the injuries to Ben Simmons, who will have to undergo surgery to remove a foreign body in his left knee, and now that of Joel embiid, whose scope is not known, destroy their aspirations. Secondary players like Shake Milton, Jason Richardson, and of course Tobias Harris are responding, but if they don’t have the team’s two beacons it seems unlikely they can avoid finishing sixth in the Eastern Conference and facing the Boston Celtics in the first round of playoffs.

« I don’t know what happened to Joel, I have to find out well the extent of his injury. It is encouraging to have seen him on the bench in the second half smiling and supporting the team, » he said Brett brown at a press conference. Only a miraculous recovery for the Cameroonian could avoid the chronicle of an announced death of his team. Boston Celtics has secured the third place, he can rest this week and face with an air of revenge a tie that, without the two great stars of Philadelphia 76ers, it seems very uneven.