Philadelphia 76ers beat Minnesota Timberwolves (122-113)

04/04/2021 at 05:20 CEST

Philadelphia 76ers managed to prevail at home in front of Minnesota Timberwolves by 122-113 on a new NBA day. The locals come from getting the victory away from home against Cleveland Cavaliers by 94-114 and after this game they add a total of three wins in their last five games. For their part, visitors lost at home with Memphis Grizzlies by 120-108 and after the game they accumulate a total of four defeats in the last five games. After the game, Philadelphia 76ers remains with one of the places in the Play-off positions with 34 games won out of 49 played, while Minnesota Timberwolves it would be left out of the play-off positions with 12 victories in 50 games played. Check the NBA standings after the duel.

In the first quarter there were alternations in the electronic, in fact, the locals achieved a partial of 11-1 during the quarter until finishing with a result of 26-29. Later, during the second quarter the locals managed to overcome the result and came to win by 10 points (55-45) during the quarter, which ended with a partial result of 38-31. After this, the rivals accumulated a total of 64-60 points before the break.

Over the course of the third quarter Philadelphia 76ers increased their difference, in fact, the team achieved a partial in this quarter of 11-2 and reached a difference of 19 points (97-78) and the quarter ended with a partial result of 33-23 (97-83). Finally, in the last quarter the visiting team reduced distances again in the light, in fact, they got a 12-2 run, although not enough to win the game and the quarter ended with a 25-30 score. After all this, the match ended with a final score of 122-113 for the home team players.

The victory of Philadelphia 76ers was built on 32 points, four assists and five rebounds from Tobias Harris and the 24 points, two assists and eight rebounds of Joel embiid. The 39 points, five assists and 14 rebounds from Karl-Anthony Towns and the 27 points, an assist and a rebound of Anthony Edwards they were not enough for Minnesota Timberwolves won the match.

In the next NBA clash, Philadelphia 76ers will play against Memphis Grizzlies in it Wells Fargo Center, while Minnesota Timberwolves will be measured with Sacramento Kings in it Target Center. Follow the NBA schedule in full.