The relationship between Nintendo Y Microsoft made it possible for players of the hybrid console to enjoy titles like Cuphead, Ori and the Blind Forest or New Super Lucky’s Tale where they wanted, when they wanted and how they wanted, titles that were previously exclusive to the platforms of the parents of Windows. So, Phil Spencer, one of the top managers of Xbox, has spoken in the last IGN podcast about the relationship with the Big N and what is your vision of the whole situation. Don’t miss his words on the following lines!

Phil Spencer comments on the relationship between Microsoft and Nintendo

In the latest IGN Podcast Phil Spencer has talked about how he has a good relationship with Doug Bowser, president of Nintendo America, and that he usually talks to Shuntaro Furukawa, Nintendo CEO. Thus, the relationship between Microsoft and Nintendo is quite good. However, the head of Xbox has also somewhat placated the wishes of gamers who would like to see new ports on Nintendo Switch, confirming that some of these releases on the hybrid console were precisely the idea of ​​the developers and that the company You don’t want consumers to be forever wondering if these exclusive Xbox and PC titles will also hit the Big N platforms.

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Therefore, from these words we can extract that, although we may not see new ports on the Nintendo Switch in the short term (we are not going to deny that many of us would like to be able to taste Ori and the Will of the Wisps wherever we want, whenever we want and as we want), the truth is that, if the relationship is good, this means that the door is not completely closed at the moment. And you, what Xbox game would you like to see on Switch?