Phil Spencer laments Xbox Series X and S out of stock: “I really apologize”

The head of Xbox praises the work of the companies in starting a generation during the pandemic.

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Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are now available in stores around the world. Well, for those who can find one. And it is that there is such demand for the new generation of consoles, that new units fly before even stepping on the storerooms. In fact, Tim Stuart, director of Microsoft, commented yesterday that he foresees a shortage of consoles until last March. And now, Phil Spencer has returned to this issue, who also apologizes for the lack of stock.

We try to distribute as many as possible, but the demand is too high Phil Spencer“The number one message, which I get over and over again, is ‘it’s very difficult to get hold of consoles right now,’ and you know, I really apologize for it“Phil Spencer commented on a recent GlitchCon live (via GamingBolt), starting at 5:49:00 am of the broadcast.” I mean, we’ve been making them for almost two months now, and trying to get them to stores. as many as possible, but the demand is simply too high“.

As many will understand, the year 2020 brings important challenges at the logistics level for companies, for that reason that we all know very well. And while Spencer regrets that there aren’t consoles for all fans, she does want praise everyone’s work in these releases, both his Xbox team and his PlayStation rivals, and the rest of the companies in the sector: “But it was great [el lanzamiento]. The developers have made amazing job. “

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Congratulations to all teams, both Sony and our Phil Spencer“I mean, this has been a crazy, crazy year, with all kinds of obstacles when it comes to finishing the games and having a platform ready, so congratulations to all teams, both Sony and ours, and everyone in third party companies, for having managed to do the things we have done, it has simply been fantastic“This is not the first time that Phil Spencer has dealt with this issue, who already anticipated this lack of stock for his consoles in October, based on reserve data.

Xbox Series X and S debuted around the world last November 10, with a premiere that Spencer himself called the best historical launch of a new Xbox, based on sales. Even so, the executive remains firm in the decision not to offer public sales figures for its products. In recent times, those from Redmond have also talked about the launch of future Bethesda games, although if you want to find out about the new consoles, in our analysis of Xbox Series X and S you have what you are looking for.