Phil Spencer apologizes for Xbox Series X shortage

By Rodolfo León 0 COMMENTS 11/16/2020 7:26 pm

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Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, was present during the event Glitchcon last weekend. During your participation, Spencer stressed that the world needs more consoles Xbox Series X / S available, while at the same time issued an apology for the shortage of these.

The executive acknowledged that several distributors and retailers do not have enough stock of consoles to meet the demand, in addition to knowing that many users are already desperate to get theirs:

“We need more consoles. I get messages over and over again saying ‘it’s really hard to get one of these consoles now’, and I really apologize for that. We have been building them for almost two months and we are trying to distribute them in all the stores we can, but the demand is very high. “

However, Spencer recognized the effort of their teams, and even Sony, stating that everyone has done an incredible job bringing the consoles to your doorstep.


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