Phasmophobia reveals first images of the prison, its grim new map

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Phasmophobia, the cooperative horror game that has caused a sensation on the networks, is preparing the arrival of its new map. Last November 11 Kinetic Games I post a mysterious Tweet of a screenshot of the development task board for the game, where you could read “make a prison level“, confirming that the prison would be the next location for the game. The response from the community was quite positive, since the game dynamics adapted to a map as large and as usual, with so little lighting, paints the game as a real challenge to our fears.

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The revealed images do not give much information about what news comes with this map, but we can see that it looks terrifying. Low lighting, cold and lonely rooms, the perfect place for the paranormal. This prison is one of the new maps on the way, as you can see from the developers’ list, they are working on a level set in a mansion.

This new map comes to join the list of seven different locations that players must enter to document the paranormal activity that exists in these places, these maps have different sizes and characteristics, ranging from an asylum, a school, two farms and now a prison.

is available for PC via Steam and allows support for virtual reality, for the brave who dare to try.

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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage / Instagram / Discord