Phase 4 The plan to return to the NBA competition will be key throughout the month of July, given that will establish the arrival of all players at the facilities of the Disney World Resort, in Orlando (Florida).

06/17/2020 at 09:45



The phase has been divided into two parts: July 7-11, which includes teams traveling to Walt Disney World and the subsequent period in which they will be quarantined; and from the 9 to the 21 of the same month, which covers the practice time that the teams will have once the players and staff have completed their mandatory quarantine period.

During the first part, for a player to travel to Orlando with his team, he must justify that it was not positive for coronavirus since testing began throughout the league.

If you tested positive previously, you must meet the criteria for quarantine disruption, such as not living with a household member who has recently tested positive or exhibited symptoms associated with the coronavirus.

Any player who does not meet those standards can only travel to Orlando once authorized to do so.

Once the teams arrive in Orlando, Players and staff will remain isolated in their rooms until they have two negative PCR tests at least 24 hours apart, that is, between 36 and 48 hours in your hotel room.

After two negative tests they will no longer have to be quarantined.

Security measures for players

Players will have the option of using a « proximity alarm » It will notify you if more than five seconds pass within six feet (1.83 meters) of another person on campus who is also using an alarm.

This is optional for players and possibly referees, but will be mandatory for all team and league members.

The players too may wear a smart ring to aid early detection of coronaviruses, with monitoring of its temperature, respiratory and heart rate, among other measurements.

Certain Disney personnel will not have to reside on the NBA campus, but will be screened using symptoms and temperature control. If they do have symptoms they will not be allowed to work and they will be required to cover their faces at all times and stay away from the players as much as possible.

Starting July 7, random drug testing will resume, but only for sports-related performance-enhancing drugs and diuretics.

The league will not evaluate recreational substances, but Players remain subject to disciplinary action for possession or use of prohibited recreational substances.

Once the players and staff have those two negative tests, they will be allowed to start group practice.

The league will continue to conduct coronavirus testing along with daily temperature checks, symptom surveys, and the use of a clamp device to measure oxygen levels.

After players have completed their quarantine they will be allowed to socialize only with others residing in the same hotel as them until July 21.

The league has distributed the 22 teams in three hotels. Those classified in the first four places of each conference will be accommodated in the Grand Destination.

The teams classified from 5 to 8 in each conference will be at the Grand Floridian; and the six who are not currently in a playoff spot at the Yacht Club.

During Phase 5 (from July 22 to 29), teams will play three scrimmages against other teams in the same hotel as them.

Phase 6 covers the time of the qualifying and postseason games.

Once the league has passed the first round of the playoffs, each of the remaining eight teams will be allowed to reserve between 15 and 17 hotel rooms for the invited players, with a specific number equal to the number of its members.

Players will pay for rooms used, but not for meals and tests.

Any guest will have to quarantine for a week before arriving in Orlando and testing at least every other day.

Anyone who tests positive during this period will not be able to enter the NBA campus.