A simulation installment by the authors of The Golf Club with the official license of the organization.

Just a week ago2K Gamesannounced his newPGA Tour 2K21, and I did it with a short video in advance to generate expectations. But now, true to their promise, they offer us thePGA Tour 2K21 presentation trailer, as well as the first details, including therelease date and platformsof this golf game by the authors of The Golf Club 2019.

If we start with the release date, which is the important thing, PGA Tour 2K21 will be availableOn August 21this year, and have versions forPS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Google Stadia. Thanks to the official license of the PGA Tour, this installment will have15 authorized fieldsby the organization, all of them “digitized with cutting-edge technology”, to recreate them with precision to the smallest detail. But the fields don’t end there, andplayers will be able to create their own tracks, with its greens, fairways and thousands of other customizable options withina field designer.

Beyond the grounds and the grass,PGA Tour 2K21 include 12 professional players, which includesJustin Thomas, the winner of the PGA Championship and former world number 1, which will bethe cover athleteof the game. “It is a great honor to be chosen as the first cover athlete for the premiere of the PGA Tour 2K franchise.I am excited to join the 2K familyand challenge players on digital golf courses, “comments the player.

And here we must highlight the “challenge”, since the 12 professionals of this game will offer great challenges to the players incareer modeto include this game, where in addition, each user cancustomize your ‘MyPlayer’with equipments and garments of well-known brands. There will also belocal and online multiplayer modes, from Clubs and tournaments with entire seasons, or lighter proposals such as Alternate Shooting, Stroke Play, Skins and 4-player Scramble modes.

A thoughtful proposalfor fans of this sport, which will be available in late August. Until then, do not hesitate to consult the most popular golf games on our website. And don’t forget to watch our SuperShow with all the news of the week either.

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