PFL withdrew Johnny Case from his first event in 2021: “I am absolutely devastated”

Photo: IMAGN

The Professional Fighters League (PFL) announced the removal of former UFC fighter Johnny Case from his first event in 2021 in which he was to face Loik Radzhabov and replaced him with Alexander Martinez, 26-year-old Paraguayan undefeated in MMA.

Last week Case was arrested in Las Vegas on charges of domestic violence against a woman who would also be an MMA fighter, according to the “TMZ” website.

PFL only said that “Hollywood” had been replaced for the first event of the season. The fighter, however, published on his social networks that he had been withdrawn from the organization’s tournament and assured that the charges “are not true.”

“It is with great regret that I announce that I have been withdrawn from the PFL tournament. I am absolutely devastated. All my hard work and sacrifice were eliminated by accusations that are not true. I want to thank the few relatives who came to see me. They don’t know what that means. I feel sorry for my fans and followers. I don’t know what the future holds for my career. I’ll tell my side of the story at the right time, but now I just want to stay with my family and do what I have to do in the meantime. “says the post published on the fighter’s Instagram.

PFL 2021 # 1 will be on April 23, 2021, in Atlantic City (USA)


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