Pfizer vaccine against Covid increases its effectiveness to 95%

Pfizer, the American pharmaceutical company, has improved its advances regarding the vaccine against covid-19, so it is considering making a request for its authorization immediately in this country. With this request, he hopes that in just a few days it can be applied, in this way it would be the first in the West to be administered.

Just days after Pfizer released the successful results of phase three of its clinical trials, as the vaccine was 90% effective, it later reported other data that reinforced the result, being up to 95% in the cases of people over 65 years of age.

The vaccine has not had serious side effects. Photo: Pixabay

Likewise, the vaccine has not left serious side effects among the volunteers to whom it was applied, apparently the only detail is that it requires ultra-cold freezers, which keep the vials at 70 degrees below zero, which would be a problem to distribute. in the other countries in addition to its cost.

According to the Pfizer statement, in the last evaluation of phase three they have detected 170 positive cases of covid-19, of these 162 were under observation in the placebo group compared to 8 in the group to which the vaccine was applied .

Of the people who volunteered in these tests around the world were around 43,000, of which a little more than 41,000 were administered a second dose on November 13.

Based on the statement from the pharmaceutical company, the efficacy was constant according to age, gender, race and ethnicity, and it also underlined that the result was very high in adults over 65 years of age greater than 94%.

Pfizer and Moderna lead

Albert Borula, CEO of Pfizer, pointed out that the results show significant progress in these eight months that have sought to find a vaccine to solve the devastating pandemic.

Pfizer’s notification comes two days after Moderna, a smaller and not-so-old pharmaceutical company, presented its 94.5% effectiveness results in its phase three, in which 30,000 volunteers have been enrolled, of which 95 have been infected with covid-19, of which 90 had received a placebo and 5 were administered the experimental vaccine.

For its part, Moderna also considers requesting soon the FDA’s emergency authorization, which will be used during the pandemic in order to accelerate the availability of experimental therapies, while analyzing data from clinical trials.

In the same way that happened to Pfizer, which responded with a fall to the news of Moderna, the latter company has registered declines in the price. In this sense, the complex panorama that these companies are having in a product is observed, in this regard the vaccine to combat covid-19 is becoming more and more competitive and also has alternatives in China and Russia.

One of the advantages of Moderna is that its vaccine can be kept in ordinary freezers even above freezing for several weeks, so it can be distributed more easily in developing countries and health centers in rural or remote areas. .

The pandemic continues

Research to develop a vaccine has been carried out in less than a year, being an unprecedented record for this type of study, which requires a complex calendar of tests and analysis.

However, the pandemic inevitably continues in the United States, this country has reported around a quarter of a million deaths and in the last week they have had one million infected to exceed 11.3 million accumulated cases.

Anthony Fauci, an epidemiologist from the United States and director of the Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, expressed during an interview that if vaccines continue to advance in their authorization, manufacturing and distribution process, the world will be able to get out of this great health crisis on next fall.

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