Pfizer studies the possibility of applying a third dose of its vaccine against COVID-19

The pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced the possibility of a third dose of its vaccine against COVID-19, as a booster for the population.

Vaccination tourism has exploded around the world as an alternative to obtaining the necessary protection against COVID-19. It could be that those who have had to travel to apply the Pfizer option have to pack their bags again, since the pharmaceutical plan to give a third dose as a booster for your injection.

A necessary reinforcement ready to apply

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The Pfizer resolution put Joe Biden’s administration in the United States to work. The country prepares for the scenario that its population has to be vaccinated for the third time, so that they can defend themselves against a possible COVID-19 infection.

The effort is intended that, one year after receiving the second dose, people can get a third injection. This decision puts even more pressure on the supply and distribution of vaccines around the world. In the case of the United States, the country would have to ensure hundreds of millions of extra doses just for your own population.

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Preparations begin for a third round

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According to Pfizer, third dose is in addition to re-vaccination what should of take place year after year. The United States authorities consider that the risk population she should be the first to get the injection. David kessler, Scientific Director of the President Joe Biden’s Response to CoronavirusHe emphasized in a press conference that “We are preparing for that.”

In addition, the pharmacist requested permission for the vaccines were used in emergency cases what for young people between 12 and 15 years old could receive them. Although the United States has been accused of “hoarding” vaccines, according to The Sydney Morning Herald, preparations at the logistical level are already in operation.

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