Pfizer, ready to request approval of your vaccine

Following the announcement on November 9 by Pfizer and BioNTech that their vaccine was more than 90% effective, the next step that the American pharmaceutical company is going to take is request the emergency approval of the same, since all the safety requirements required for phase 3 of the tests would have been exceeded.

Your CEO, Albert Bourla, has confirmed in a forum organized by The New York Times and in turn in STAT News, a medium specialized in health, that this request will indeed proceed. “We are very close to requesting the emergency authorization,” it said this Tuesday.

One of the conditions was for manufacturers to carry out a two-month follow-up of at least half of the people who will test the vaccine in phase 3 trials And, as Bourla confirmed, Pfizer already has in its possession all the safety data collected and required by the health authorities.

High effectiveness, but not alone on the road

It has been more than a week since the Pfizer ad, which claimed more than 90% effectiveness in all test participants. Specifically, around the 44,000 people took part in the trials since last July, with that great response to the dose and without previous evidence of infection.

However, a few days later a very strong competitor has appeared next to them, Modern biotechnology, with an even higher effectiveness, around 94%, as he announced when he made public the results of his tests with his vaccine.

However, for Pfizer it is not a problem. In fact, Bourla also explained that the fact that another company had achieved similar results brought him relief., since the global demand will be greater than what any company can sustain. Thus, even hope that little by little there will be more announcements with successful vaccines.

If everything announced so far by Pfizer is confirmed, and this long-awaited authorization is obtained, We would be talking, according to calculations by the American pharmaceutical company, of a production of 50 million doses this year and about 1,300 million for next 2021.