Peugeot follows Renault and Volkswagen and will also be indicted in France for the ‘Dieselgate’

Updated Thursday, June 10, 2021 – 11:47

At a time when the sector strongly advocates emissions neutrality, the French courts address alleged past irregularities.

Impeachment Renault, accused of fraud in diesel engines Peugeot 208 Petrol, diesel and 100% electric versions

Peugeot will be indicted in France as part of the investigation into fraud in the pollution controls of the old models of diesel engines, announced on Wednesday Stellantis, parent company of the French car manufacturer. Yesterday, the French justice already did the same with Renault and Volkswagen. The latter alleged that it had already been sentenced in 2018 to pay 1,000 million in Germany for the famous dieselgate and that, since that sanction contemplated modified cars that had been sold in France, a double sentence would not make sense.

The investigating magistrates have charged Automobiles Peugeot SA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Stellantis NV, “with accusations of fraud on the sale of Euro 5 diesel vehicles which took place in France between 2009 and 2015, “the group explained in a statement.

A judicial source confirmed on Wednesday the indictment of Peugeot for the charge of “fraud that involves a danger to human or animal health”.

“Two other Stellantis subsidiaries, Automobiles Citron SA and FCA Italy SpA., Will be summoned by the investigating judges, respectively, on June 10 and in July, within the framework of the same judicial information, “the group indicated.

Peugeot was forced to pay a “guarantee” worth 10 million euros ($ 12 million), including € 8 million ($ 9 million) for the possible payment of compensation and fines, and to file a € 30 million bank guarantee (36 million dollars) “to compensate the possible damages,” the company explained. Peugeot is “evaluating the regularity of this measure and if you challenge it“, Stellantis warned in his statement.

“Our subsidiaries are firmly convinced that their emission control systems meet all applicable requirements at the time and they continue to respect them today, and eagerly await the opportunity to prove it, “adds the group.

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