Petrov will return to action on June 26 in Almoguera

Petr Petrov (41-6-2, 22 KO) returns to the ring. The 38-year-old Hispano-Russian has not boxed since September 2019. His idea and that of his promoter, tIn order to add three victories in six months, it was to look for a great opportunity in 2020, but the pandemic ruined everything. The ‘Zar’ has been making his preparations in the United States since 2014 and with a manager from that country. Therefore, his career is there and although he tried, It couldn’t be on a bill until 2021.

Everything was ready for him to return in March, but when Petrov arrived in the United States, he could not pass due to entry restrictions in that country due to the pandemic. “It has been tough for boxers my age. Losing a year and a half is a lot. I don’t have much time left in boxing and the loss is great“, he pointed out before that trip.

As the tessitura is maintained, the ‘Tsar’ has sought to box and It will do it this June 26 in the town of Almoguera (Guadalajara). He will do it with the promoter MASL Fight, a company that has the idea of ​​creating a high-performance center in the town where the evening will be held and that is betting on contact sports and will make its first boxing event. In this return, Petrov will face the Venezuelan, settled in Spain for a few months, Michel Marcano (21-3-1, 18 KO). A ten-round fight that rules out the word “filming.” Marcano wants to rise and Petrov to be close to the big fights again.

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