Petros S. Mabuza murdered: Africa’s most wanted rhino poacher

Petros Sydney Mabuza, the most wanted rhino hunter on the entire African continent, was shot dead in the city of Mbombela.

There were 17 bullet wounds that took the life of Petros Sydney Mabuza on June 17, 2021. After a long career as poacher in Africa, became one of the most wanted criminals on the entire continent. Especially after escaping shock groups and the law on various occasions.

Mbombela: Mabuza’s last destination

The attack happened unexpectedly in the South African city of Mbombela. Under the pseudonym of “Mr. Big ” or “Mshengu”, being a rhino killer was one of the many crimes Mabuza had in his wallet. Despite being highly sought after, his death was not perpetuated by the state. There is still no information on who killed him.

It is known that he was ambushed in his car, while it was parked in the locality Hazyview, South Africa. After the attack, Mabuza was transported by ambulance to the hospital. Did not arrive alive. The official report on the cause of death and other details was published by the Mpumalanga South African Police Service a short time later.

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A video posted on social networks shows how several people get out of a black car and surround the one of ‘Mr. Big ‘. After a few seconds, they just leave. Now, the efforts of the local police will be focused on locating the culprits. They are suspected of being related to criminal gangs opposing Mabuza’s operations.

Various non-governmental organizations in favor of the conservation of African biodiversity confirmed the murder. As the news went viral, documents were leaked revealing Mabuza’s relationships with magistrates, the South African police system and other heads of power across the country. Despite its multiple influences, his last destination was Mbombela.

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