When things in life do not go as you expect, there are only two possible options: moral collapse or fighting everything to try to turn the situation around. Czech tennis player Petra Kvitova seems to go for the latter, and although she hasn’t demonstrated a high level of tennis in recent months, she insists on continuing to fight to win as many important titles as possible. The Czech is currently out of the top ten and in her head is already wanting to play again on the circuit, although she affirms that she prefers that tournaments be suspended to play without an audience in the stands.

-The current number twelve in the world recognizes that she would love to play a Grand Slam tournament again, although she would not do it without an audience:

“A few months ago I was 30 years old and I am already a certain age. I would like to play the maximum number of Grand Slams, but I don’t like playing without an audience at all. To play this way I prefer that tournaments be canceled, before playing without any motivation. For a tennis player, playing a Grand Slam is the best there is and playing without fans who are our driving force does not seem to me at all correct. It is my opinion, but finally the organizers are the ones who have the last word “, He affirmed in statements collected by the . agency.

-This week plays a tournament in the Czech Republic, where the public will not be allowed and there will be no handshakes between tennis players. Yes, there will be referees and ball boys, although they will not deliver towels to the tennis players:

“It will be a strange environment and we have to get used to this type of circumstance. It is not right at the moment to shake hands with your rival after the game. I am a very respectful person and it will be very unpleasant to see how The new tennis that we will have this season will become cold. “

-You do not expect tennis players to demonstrate a high level of tennis:

“We are here playing this tournament to try to reintroduce tennis not only in our country, but also in the entire world. The most difficult thing will undoubtedly be finding the rhythm of the game, since it has been a long time since I have played a Official match. I hope that no one expects tennis players to play at a fantastic level of tennis, because it will be difficult, “said Kvitova, who will debut Tuesday against Barbora Krejcikova.