Petition Calls for Removal of Golden Globe Nominations

Despite the controversy surrounding the film, it managed to receive two nominations at the Golden Globe Awards. Photo: HanWay Films | HanWay Films

The committee of Golden globes would choose in its 2021 edition, to nominate “Music”, Controversial film written and directed by the singer Sia, in two of its most important categories: « Best Comedy or Musical Film » and « Best Comedy or Musical Actress » for the work carried out by Kate hudson.

As a result of this announcement, a petition was launched through the platform for the jury to dispense with these possible awards, reaching more than 78,000 signatures, they point out that the film is « severely capacitive », that is, that it discriminates according to to people’s abilities and that the story presented « contributes to harmful stereotypes against autistic people. »

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The petition has been signed by Nina skov Y Rosanna Katajia, who describe themselves as « autistic » and « allies of autism » respectively. « Sia has stated that the film is ‘a love letter to the autistic community.’ However, the musical segments are filled with strobes, colors, loud sounds, and rapid camera movements, which is super exhilarating, ”the statement said.

“About one in four autistic people has epilepsy, so the film can cause seizures and is also very uncomfortable for those without it. Despite making a movie ‘for’ autistic people, Sian has made it in a way that most of us would be unable to see it.  »

The petition would also take a moment to describe the performance of Maddie ziegler, who plays the title character of the film and whose performance is described as a « stereotypical imitation of autistic people in the exact way they have been harassed and bullied throughout their lives. »

The statement concludes that the film reinforces the idea that people with autism are not good enough and that this condition should be represented by someone with no concept of what it means to be autistic.

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At the beginning of the year, the singer would admit that having hired Ziegler Instead of considering an autistic person for the character it was a true “act of nepotism”, and that at this point in his career he cannot imagine working without her on his future projects.