Pete Davidson says what bothers him so much about Timothée Chalamet

“Most of the people who come to the show are always on their best behavior, but you can tell when it’s genuine or when they call you on the phone,” he said. “Definitely [Timothée] it was one of the most genuine”. In case you don’t remember, during that SNL show, Chalamet did a parody of Harry Styles!

During a celebrity interview segment, Timmy played Harry Styles. A host asked him what ‘Watermelon Sugar’ meant, to which the actor responded by imitating the singer’s voice (with a British accent and all), that it is about summer although some people think it refers to oral sex.

Not only did Timothée respond as Harry would have, but he imitated his voice to perfection and dressed like him too. She wore a striped Peter Pan collar sweater and brown plaid pants. He complemented his look with silver and gold rings, one of Styles’ favorite accessories and with low-heeled loafers, undoubtedly an outfit that the British would wear.

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