PES 2021, a facelift for the best simulator

After having put a lot of cane to PES 2020, I was hopeful that this update dubbed eFootball PES 20201 add a point of brilliance to the whole mess, beyond updating templates.

I bought eFootball PES 20201 Day 1 for the pley and what was my surprise to see that not even the templates were updated. Not only that, in Barcelona there was not even Ansu Fati, a player who had already defended the Blaugrana colors in the previous season. And there I left it.

I returned to PES 2020 in PS4 Pro, in which I had been in the Master League for several seasons, and I forgot about the sequel. Then I found out that the template updates came a few days after launch and had to be applied manually, but it hit me. And now, with the excuse of testing to see how it runs on the Next-Gen, I have returned to it.

A facelift

On my return to eFootball PES 20201, now in X series, at the start of the Master League with Barcelona, ​​thanks to Dani Mejías I have seen how to apply the latest update of templates, which strangely does not come active after a clean installation.

In addition to the mandatory update of templates, it is necessary to highlight the many new animations that have been added in this eFootball PES 20201 compared to its predecessor. Personally, I have been amazed by Jordi Alba’s movements, both the way he positions his body when sprinting, as well as his heel strike or his little jump to control a bouncing ball. A few extra points than the ones we play at PES 2020 We greatly appreciate it for increasing the feeling that we are playing something new.

Next-Gen touches

On a technical level there are a few notable improvements. Everything seems to look cleaner, especially in the intermediate scenes, there is better general lighting and the textures of the characters at the skin level and, especially, of clothes, are more detailed. In the close-ups is when the game discovers the new layer of varnish that the muscle of X series It allows.

In any case, the impact is quite far from the work seen in the Gears of War 5 update or, above all, NBA 2K21.


Holders of X series we are in luck, because eFootball PES 20201 is another one of the games that improves with the new Xbox hardware. They are not drastic changes, but the paint layer gives it a plus that will surely make the months remaining until the launch of the next installment, which will be based on the Unreal engine, more bearable.