The teacher undertook an altruistic project to guarantee access to education for low-income children

By: Web Writing

Peru.- With the intention that they would not be left without studying, a teacher gave away several radios to deliver to her students, this in order for them to continue watching the distance classes.

In PeruAs a measure in the face of the coronavirus contingency, the Government activated the program « I learn at home« , which consists of classes through television or the Internet; however, several of the families in the department of Loreto do not have access for their children to follow the courses.

Classes can also be followed through radio; however, in some homes they do not have this device either.

It is for this reason that Tanith Peña Araujo decided to undertake the project « A child, a radio« , which consists of raising money to spend on the purchase of appliances radio and deliver them to the marginalized areas of Peru.

According to the teacher’s statement to América Televisión, the program implemented is « great »; however: « If it doesn’t reach your target audience, what good can it do? »

Before the health emergency, Peña Araujo used to travel from the city of Iquitos to the banks of the Amazon River, sailing between three and five hours per section.

So far, it has already distributed 77 radios in the communities of San Lorenzo, Independencia, Caana and Unión. His goal is to reach 500.