FILE – In this April 30, 2010 file photo, models wearing suits by Peruvian designer Noe Bernacelli during the runway at the Peru Moda 2010 Fair in Lima, Peru. . / Paolo Aguilar / Archive
(Paolo Aguilar /)

Lima, Sep 15 . .- The best of Peruvian cotton and alpaca fashion, as well as decoration, crafts and gifts, will upload to a digital platform next October to promote the international trade of these products as part of the Peru Fashion and Peru Fashion Deco fairs.
In its first fully digital version, the event will promote the slogan ‘Feel & Live Sustanaible’ to promote the sustainability and quality of companies linked to cotton clothing and alpaca fiber, two of the finest fibers in the world.
From October 1 to 30, there will be business rounds between international buyers and Peruvian exporters, an academic forum and a sustainability and innovation contest.
« The activity is part of the digital transformation strategy that PROMPERÚ (the Peruvian Promotion Commission for Exports and Tourism) has developed during these months, moving 100% of the commercial promotion platforms to the virtual sphere, which is it becomes an opportunity to democratize and decentralize business opportunities, « said the executive president of the organizing entity, Luis Torres.
Participating in the platform of Peru Moda and Peru Moda Deco will have no cost and will show the most striking in clothing, jewelry, brand development, footwear, accessories and decorative items, made by small and medium-sized companies.
In decoration you will be able to appreciate unique pieces of alpaca and other fine items such as Chulucanas ceramics, Ayacucho altarpieces, toquilla straw hats, Pucará bulls, as well as cushions, tapestries, toys, accessories, among others.
Likewise, during the event specialized online seminars will be held, and the Award for Sustainability and Innovation in the Textile, Clothing and Decoration Industry will be held.
The Peru Moda and Peru Moda Deco fair is organized by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru and PROMPERÚ, with the support of the Exporters Association, the Lima Chamber of Commerce and the National Industry Society.