Peruvian court accuses Bill Gates, Soros and Rockefeller of creating the coronavirus

The statement was given in the case of a defendant who sought to have his preventive (provisional) prison canceled, but whose request was encouraged by the pandemic

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Lima.- A peruvian court claimed in a resolution based on conspiracy theories that the covid-19 It was a invention of the « criminal elites worldwide » made up, according to the magistrates of this court, by billionaires such as George soros, the rockefeller family and the businessman Bill gates.

As a justification for the delay in issuing a ruling, the Chincha and Pisco Criminal Appeals Chamber assured that the pandemic had an « unpredictable » nature except for its creators, « who handled it and continue to direct it with extreme secrecy within their environments and global corporations « .

Thus, this collegiate court of the Superior Court of Justice of Ica made up of judges Tito Gallegos, Luis Leguía and Tony Changaray tried to excuse himself for the delay to attend the appeal of a defendant who sought to have his preventive (provisional) prison canceled, but whose request was slowed down by the pandemic.

« No world government, natural and legal persons, nor the defendant’s defense can maintain that this pandemic has the quality of ‘foreseeable’, except for the creators of the new world order as Bill gates, Soros, Rockefeller, etc « , stated the resolution, posted on the LP Law portal.


By ensuring that the coronavirus was « created by the criminal elites that dominate the world, » the Superior Criminal Appeals Chamber of Chincha and Pisco echoed one of the many conspiracy theories that emerged last year as a result of the pandemic.

Specifically, the document cites the financial investor George soros, to the co-founder of Microsoft Bill gates and the billionaire rockefeller family, whom he accuses of « handling » and « continuing to address » the virus in the « new world order« .

With the appearance of the covid-19 the amount of misinformation skyrocketed and, despite the World Health Organization (who) confirmed as early as May that the virus had an animal origin and refuted its creation in a laboratory, alleged alternative origins continued to circulate.

From early on, these theories fueled by ‘fake news’ included speeches about their creation by pharmaceutical eager to increase their economic benefits and even plots of Bill gates o Soros as promoters of a supposed plan to control the population through the vaccinations and 5G.