Peruvian couple is murdered by their American neighbor in an apparent racist act

A young Peruvian couple lost their lives last weekend at the hands of one of your neighbors, an American, In a Baltimore neighborhood in which everything points it was a racist act.

Peruvians Sara Alcote, 37, and her husband Ismael Quintanilla, and some neighbors of Latino origin had already denounced to Everton Brown, 56-year-old man, who was constantly threatening them; however, the authorities never did more to help and arrest him.

That is why on May 8, the aggressor set his house on fire and later began to throw bombs at the neighbors. This woke Sara and Ismael, who immediately began hearing gunshots outside their home and discovered that it was their neighbor who was trying to break into their property.

The attacker entered the Peruvians’ house and there he shot Ismael and later stabbed him. Sara ran out of the house but the assailant shot her in the back. They both died instantly.

Sara’s son, a 17-year-old teenager, was also at the residence, who fortunately escaped the incident unharmed.

“All I want is to get a flight to give my sister Sara a burial. My nephew is left orphaned of father and mother. I ask for the help of the Chancellery. She is a Peruvian woman murdered by a racist, ”said one of the victim’s sisters.

It also transpired that Brown was killed by the police at the scene, after they described him as a “violent and racist” person; in addition to having put up resistance at the time of his arrest.

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