Friday May 22, 2020

The president of the neighboring country Martín Vizcarra announced through a national network that, as part of his economic revival plan, the practices of the soccer teams will resume during June, which will allow Mario Salas to take over the team of Lima Alliance.

Despite the fact that the health situation in South America is not the best, since several countries have entered the most critical moment of the coronavirus pandemic, in Peru a drastic decision was made that will allow the restart of football sooner than expected. could have waited.

Through a national network, President Martín Vizcarra announced that as part of an economic revival plan for the neighboring country, the training of football clubs may be resumed during June, to later be able to start tournaments in that country again .

On the occasion, Vizcarra explained that “we have taken the request of the Peruvian Federation to resume the practices and later the practice of professional soccer. It is important to do it respecting the protocols and the parties that take place, at least in the coming months, they will be stadiums without publics. They will watch professional football from their homes. “

This decision will directly affect Mario Salas. After his blistering departure from Colo Colo, the ‘Comandante’ was announced as the new coach of Alianza Lima, but he has not been able to take over his staff even due to the restrictions and measures of social distancing that exist in that country. In this way, and after a month and a half of uncertainty, the coach will be able to take charge of the team and lead his team.