Rapid response groups will offer medical assistance against Covid-19 and distribute medications in residential homes.

Peru announced that will send health brigades to the homes of people infected with Covid-19, given the advance of the epidemic that is causing the collapse of the country’s hospitals, while receiving a mission from Chinese experts to help mitigate the health emergency.

Confirmed coronavirus infections in Peru rose to 119,959 on Sunday, with 4 thousand 205 new infections compared to the previous report. Meanwhile, the number of deceased increased from 83 to 3,456, according to the Ministry of Health.

President Martín Vizcarra said that “Rapid response teams” – made up of nurses and doctors – will carry out from next week not only tests to rule out the virus to patients at home, but they will also provide medicines to treat the disease.

The announcement comes at a time when the country’s hospitals have virtually collapsed, with corpses in the hallways and long lines of patients seeking care. Besides, the pandemic The demand for medicines and their prices have skyrocketed, generating outrage among consumers.

“The treatment will not only be given in hospitals but at home, thanks to you who come to the families, take the tests and have the results, “Vizcarra told reporters, during the visit of a rapid response center, temporarily installed in the National State of Lima.

Each response brigade will be made up of four health professionals, referred the president. At the beginning there will be a thousand brigades and later the teams will increase to 5,000, he added.

On the other hand, a mission of four chinese doctors who worked in Guangdong province, the epicenter of the disease in the Asian country, arrived in Lima on Saturday night, in the framework of a recent agreement between President Vizcarra and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“They are experts who have been at the scene. They bring experience and knowledge and they will work for 10 days with our health professionals as part of the global effort to fight the epidemic, “said Health Minister Víctor Zamora about the Chinese mission.