LIMA, Apr 6 (.) – The Peruvian government decreed compulsory social immobilization on Monday during the Easter holidays, while President Martín Vizcarra warned that “one or two” very difficult weeks are coming amid the fight against the coronavirus.

Vizcarra, in his earlier “virtual” press conference, stated that the number of confirmed cases with the disease has been increasing and requires a quick response, despite some deficiencies that are being corrected.

The president said that those infected increased to 2,561 people, with a lethality of 3.6% to add 92 deaths.

“That a difficult week or two is coming, of course, no one denies it, but we are prepared,” said Vizcarra, along with most of his cabinet in the Government Palace.

The president expressed that the severity of the situation will depend on the actions of the population against quarantine measures. Despite the latest provisions, such as inserting the presence of women and men on the streets, there are still people who defy the rules, causing crowds.

Hours later in the evening, the Government published in the official newspaper a supreme decree ordering compulsory social immobilization at the national level on holidays Thursday and Friday, when Easter is celebrated in the country where the majority of the population is Catholic. .

Vizcarra had said before that he was evaluating that measure for those days with the health and safety authorities, seeking to curb the increase in the spread of coronavirus.

“Those who win are not the ones with the most economic power … they are the countries with a disciplined population,” he said.

Peru has extended the state of emergency and a curfew until April 12 to curb the spread of the respiratory illness caused by the coronavirus, a measure that has paralyzed the economy and left millions without jobs.

(Report by Marco Aquino, Edited by Manuel Farías)