Being this a magazine that prioritizes the musical over the rest of the arts, although we regularly comment on novels, poetry, theater, painting, cinema or gastronomy, along with other specials, we could not resist talking about this tape that addresses the record world from another point of view. Well, here the stars of the song are not the protagonists but a young personal assistant with the desire to become a producer, something that links her to «Almost famous», who pivoted on the axis of a budding journalist from the magazine «Rolling Stone» , although “Personal assistant” is somewhat inferior in quality to the Cameron Crowe film.

A different starting point that mixes irony, with the whimsical and fickle character of the diva who is helped by the character played by Dakota Johnson, mixed with romantic comedy and a story of overcoming, boom, fall and final triumph. An irregular script with pleasant moments, with others more sweetened and that goes from less to more, with a last act with surprise that leaves a good “taste in the mouth”. In favor of Flora Greeson’s “libretto” it can be said that they do not bore the different situations and entanglements created even if we find some resolutions syrupy. Luckily, it is about pop soloists and not rock or jazz bands, more predisposed to more visceral, excessive, if not melancholic or self-destructive reactions, as we have seen as a last example in Damien Chazelle’s Netflix series “The Eddie”.

Neat staging of Nisha Ganatra, filmmaker from television and with the antecedent of her previous “Late night”. Ganatra proposes an academic direction, which we miss more risk, since a world as false as “glamorous” requires a less intimate and more hyperbolic tone with the sequences and the shots but where those responsible, perhaps due to budgetary limitations, have chosen a minor approach on which to build your building.

Among the cast is Dakota Johnson, whose Anastasia Steele from “Fifty Shades of Gray” may have somewhat damaged her career, given the aesthetic disaster (not financial gain) of the saga, similar to what happened with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart fighting for removing the “sambenito” from “Twilight”. The daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith is accompanied by another descendant of famous as is Tracee Ellis Ross, daughter of Diana Ross and closing the triangle Kevin Harrison Jr., along with Ice Cube or Bill Pullman in more minor roles. “Personal assistant” tells us about dreams and nightmares of a supposed dream world. how difficult it is to arrive, to maintain and to reinvent yourself, with a certain critical load, such as veteran star Grace Davis, who, as she explains in parliament, does not assume an industry created by men where almost no woman succeeds after forty years (unfortunately for there are multiple cases that deny it, although perhaps in prefabricated pop youth does triumph, that divine treasure that leaves so as not to return).

Passable entertainment where the viewer knows that everything will turn out well from the beginning, all the actors with weight have characters with whom it is easy to empathize and a rhythm that does not decay, even if it lacks soul and background to the narration. The most surprising thing is the title that distributors have decided to place in Spain, since the original is «The high note» and in a show of prestidigitation they rename it as «Personal assistant», not «Personal assistant». So in English, one thing that we don’t remember right now in other films. If any of our readers knows of another similar case where the name is varied without changing the language of Shakespeare, we would appreciate a comment below. Thank you very much.

Personal Assistant


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