Perseverance. Joe Biden celebrates NASA’s success in landing on Mars

Millennium Digital

United States / 18.02.2021 18:12:52

The president of U.S, Joe biden, celebrated the arrival of the POT and your vehicle Perserverance to Mars, whose mission will allow exploring the surface of the red planet. The president described the event as « historic. »

« Congratulations to the POT and all those who have worked very hard so that the historic arrival of Perseverance if possible, « the president wrote on Twitter.

At 14:57 This Thursday, February 18, the Perseverance rover touched the Jezero crater on the red planet. The timing of this landing was surprising. With the overwhelmed emotion, the POT narrated the incredible descent.

At around 2:50 p.m. (Central Mexico time), the probe entered the surface of the red planet and two minutes later, the POT reported that the ship was aligned horizontally. At 2:54 p.m., the rover descended on the planet, but at exactly 2:57 p.m. it managed to touch the Mars soil without any problem.