With the new stage of quarantine, which runs until June 7, inclusive, and which focuses on strong traffic restrictions mainly between City of Buenos Aires and the Buenos Aires suburbs (where the largest number of coronavirus infections is registered), the Government removed all current permits to circulate, both national and district, which will force those who processed it to register, either via the web or by the mobile application Look after.

Re-registration must be done both essential activity workers (the first to be enabled at the beginning of the quarantine, on March 20) as those who were subsequently exempted from compulsory isolation, as well as the special authorizations, such as caring for the elderly or children.

President Alberto Fernández announced the decision to re-register all those authorized on the last Saturday and this Sunday the 24th the Chief of Staff, who directs Santiago Cafiero, published guidelines for renew or process the Unique Enabling Certificate for Circulation (CUHC).

While the focus of control will be the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA), the renewal of registrations should be done throughout the country, stressed official sources consulted by El Cronista. And there will be time to do it until today, since Saturday May 30 “all prior permits will lose validity.”

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The AFIP did it through General Resolution 4726/2020 published today in the Official Gazette, which highlighted that it seeks to provide a greater margin of time so that, during the validity of the isolation by the coronavirus, foreign trade operators comply with the different customs procedures.

After working days in the Innovation area of ​​the Cabinet Headquarters, was unified into a single site (http://argentina.gob.ar/circular) to all permits that must be renewed, or processed in case of people who do not have it, or through the CuidAr application.

From now on, there will be three types of permits for excepted activities quarantine: for essential workers; for non-essential activity workers and for special 48-hour permits, such as the care of older adults and children.

“All citizens who want to circulate must process a new permit,” said Cafiero in a series of twits. From the Headquarters of Cabinet they reinforced that the system will guide the user on the information that must be completed to obtain their permission to move.

A fundamental change in what was happening so far is given that essential activities, that they were exempt from processing the certificate and could circulate with sworn statements or letters on the letterhead of their employers (Article 6 of Decree 297), they must have the CUHC, than can be requested by the control authorities at any time whether on routes, accesses to cities, buses, trains and subways from Buenos Aires.

Although CuidAR, the app launched by the Government it is only compulsory for the Province of Buenos Aires, as assured by the governorr Axel KicillofWhen processing the certificate renewal via the official website, you have to wait 24 hours to know whether or not you have authorization to circulate.

Since Take care the authorization is almost automatic, after the self-test that the user must do and, according to the body temperature or symptoms that the user registers, will have a certain number of hours enabled to circulate (through a QR code) until completing a new self-test that will allow or not to continue with their activities.

On the official site it was stated that CuidAr is a comprehensive system that allows managing the pandemic. “Using the application allows everyone to perform a self-diagnosis to find out how they are and if they have symptoms compatible with Covid-19.”

And it was highlighted that “working with the jurisdictions, which are the ones that administer the health systems, is essential; that’s why they will define the obligation of the use of Caring ”.

For process the new certificate, in addition, the user must leave all your data, including email, cell phone, CUIT of the employer, if moving in private car or motorcycle. In case you move on public transport, you must upload your SUBE card details.

When the movement certificate that has been used until now expires

The government made official the expiration of the current certificates to circulate today, which will begin on Saturday, May 30, so those who are authorized to transit in the context of the isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic must process it again.

They must process the CUHC, all those who during the current quarantine have obtained permits, whether provincial or national in the framework of the different stages of the Preventive and Compulsory Social Isolation (ASPO), ruled on March 20 and which governs, with different modalities according to the region of the country, for now until June 7 next.

According to official data, more than 8 million people have processed the CUCH so far and just over 4 million correspond to inhabitants of the AMBA, that is, of the City of Buenos Aires and the Buenos Aires suburbs.

Essential Activities (all over the country)

Health services personnel and state powers.
 Registration, identification and documentation of people
 Provincial and Municipal Revenue Offices
 Registry activity under the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Nation
 Scheduled medical and dental care for monitoring chronic and preventive diseases
 Laboratory and images
 Health Personnel, Security Forces, Armed Forces, migratory activity, national meteorological service, firefighters and air traffic control.
 Higher authorities of the national, provincial, municipal and Autonomous City of Buenos Aires governments Workers of the national, provincial, municipal and Autonomous City of Buenos Aires public sector, summoned to guarantee essential activities required by the respective authorities.
 Personnel of the justice services on duty, as established by the competent authorities
 Foreign diplomatic and consular personnel accredited to the Argentine government, within the framework of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and the staff of international organizations accredited to the Argentine government, of the Red Cross and White Helmets.
 People affected to the performance of funeral services, burials and cremations. In such a framework, activities that signify meeting of people are not authorized.
 Wholesale and retail supermarkets and proximity retail stores with customer service. Pharmacy. Hardware stores. Veterinary. Bottle supply.
 Food industries, their production chain and supplies; personal hygiene and cleanliness; of medical equipment, medicines, vaccines and other sanitary supplies.
 Home delivery of food, medicines, hygiene products, cleaning products and other supplies of need.
 Laundry services.
 Essential surveillance, cleaning and guard services.
 Hotels affected by the health emergency service. They must also guarantee benefits to people who are housed in them as of the date of Decree No. 297/20.
 The authorities of the National Securities Commission may authorize the activity of a minimum staffing and that of its regulated parties, if necessary.
 The circulation of the ministers of the different cults will be allowed for the purpose of providing spiritual assistance, and the temples must adjust in their operation to the provisions of the first paragraph of article 5 of Decree No. 297/20.
 Exploration, prospecting, production, transformation and commercialization of nuclear fuel.
 Essential maintenance and fumigation services.
 Mutual and credit cooperatives, through minimum attention guards, for the sole purpose of guaranteeing the operation of the credit and / or payment system.
 Collection, transport and treatment of urban solid waste, dangerous and pathogenic.
 Maintenance of basic services (water, electricity, gas, communications, etc.) and emergency care.
 Postal and parcel distribution services.
 Establishments that carry out activities to collect services and taxes.
 People affected to the attention of school, community canteens and picnic areas.
 Personnel working in audiovisual, radio and graphic communication services.

Excepted (CABA AND PBA)

Industries that carry out continuous processes whose interruption involves structural damage to production lines and / or machinery may request authorization from the Ministry of Industry, Knowledge Economy and External Commercial Management, not to discontinue their production, minimizing their activity and endowment of personal.
 Tanneries, with a minimum endowment, for the reception of leather from the refrigeration activity.
 Restaurants, prepared food places and fast food places, may sell their products through home delivery services, take away, subject to the specific protocol established by the health authority.
 Activities related to the production, distribution and commercialization of forestry and mining.
 Tanneries, sawmills and wood products factories, mattress factories and road and agricultural machinery factories.
 Activities related to foreign trade: exports of ready-made products and essential imports for the operation of the economy.
 Non-deferrable activities related to foreign trade.
 I KNOW. Casa de Moneda, ATM services, transportation of flows and all those activities that the CENTRAL BANK OF THE ARGENTINE REPUBLIC has essential to guarantee the operation of the payment system–
 Notary activity.
 Banking with customer service.
 Manufacture of tires, sale and repair of tires exclusively for public transport, vehicles of the armed security forces, and armed forces or health providers or personnel authorized to drive.
 Sale of bookstore items and computer supplies under the home delivery modality.
 Workshops for maintenance and repair of motor vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles exclusively for public transport, vehicles of the armed or security forces or of people with a driving license.
 Sale of spare parts, parts and pieces for automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles only under the modality of door to door delivery. In no case may they pay attention to the public.
 Retail trade of clothing, footwear, leather goods, electronics, appliances, games and toys, personal care, paint shops, sale of construction and decoration materials, you can sell ready-made merchandise through various e-commerce platforms, telephone sales and home delivery.
 Insurance companies and claims verification services that allow payments to be made for car and motorcycle repairs affected by accidents-
 Production for export, with prior authorization from the Ministry of Productive Development.
 Specific industrial processes, with prior authorization from the Ministry of Productive Development.
 Establishments for the care of victims of gender violence.
 Automotive, auto parts, bicycles and motorcycles, electronics and appliances, metallurgy machinery and equipment.
 Graphics, editions and prints, furniture, cement, cellulose and paper, chemistry and petrochemistry, ceramics.
 Production of clothing, footwear, toys, textiles, plastics and by-products, leather manufactures.
 Auctioneers and Public Brokers, professionals in Economic Sciences and its Professional Council; Surveyors and their College and Architecture Studies, technical offices and Colleges for the development of construction.
 Recycling of metal products.
 Manufacture of special-purpose machines, knitted fabrics, clothing, textile products.
 Sale of motor vehicles and motorcycles.
 Speech pathologists.
 Construction and Engineering technical professionals and their college.
 Manufacture of basic chemicals, machinery, fabricated metal products, Basic iron and metal industries.
 Manufacture of cigarettes.
 Manufacture of motor vehicles.
 Professionals and technicians specialized in occupational health and safety.
 The activities of the concessionaires of the national road corridors, including the collection of tolls.
 Insurance activity carried out by insurance companies, reinsurers and intermediaries.
 Tobacco and tobacco products.
 Pulp, paper and derivative.
 Infrastructure maintenance, people and merchandise transport, telecommunications and public and energy works.
 Personnel affected by public works.
 Minimum guards to ensure the operation and maintenance of Oil and Gas Fields, Oil and gas treatment and / or refining plants, transport and distribution of electrical energy, liquid fuels (oil and gas, fuel dispensing stations and electric power generators ).
 Transfer to pick up passengers at border crossings of the Argentine Republic. Vehicle access to border crossings to remove passengers as an exception to the Preventive and Mandatory Social Isolation measure, as established in Article 6, subsection 18 of Decree 297/2020.
 Nuclear power plants operation.
 Minimum staffing necessary for the operation of the Argentine Aircraft Factory Brig. San Martín S.A.
 Airport operation. Garage and parking operations, with minimum provisions.
 Sustaining activities related to environmental mining protection.
 Sale of supplies and construction materials provided by corralones.
 Telecommunications, fixed and mobile Internet and digital services activities
 Private work.
 Freeways of Buenos Aires, tolls and derived services.
 Production of clothing, footwear, toys, textiles, plastics and by-products, leather manufactures.
 Removals, freight and mini freight.
 Private-run educational establishments for administrative activity without a public.
 Professionals and technicians specialized in occupational health and safety.

Special Permits (48 hours)

People who must assist others with disabilities; family members needing assistance; older people; to boys, girls and adolescents or a situation of force majeure.

In other provinces

How the new stage of quarantine has different phases (3 in the case of AMBA and 4 for the rest of the country), exceptions to isolation differ depending on the province in which the inhabitant is located.

Therefore, the official website contains information regarding the quarantine situation in each of the provinces and asks the interested user in having your driving license choose the district in which you reside.

There you will be able to know the exceptions in your district, in addition to obtaining the movement certificate according to your activity.