He incense (or incense) It is a resinous preparation that may or may not be aromatic, to which essential oils of animal or vegetable origin are often added, which when burned give off a fragrant smoke for religious, therapeutic or meditation purposes.

Incense is obtained from different species, but the one that stands out the most is Boswellia, a tree that grows in the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. It can be in the form of a spiral, cone, hollow rods or solid rods.

How to make your own incenses at home. Cone-shaped incense, totally homemade!

How to make incense at home? It is very easy and practical, as well as personalized. Next, we detail the ingredients that you require to carry out the step by step of your handmade incenses, in this case, in the form of cones.

1 part of gum arabic (it is bought in drugstores)
4 parts sawdust or charcoal
2 parts of aromas (aromatic powder, crushed aromatic herbs, spices or woods)
Liquid (vegetable oil, honey or wine)
Wax paper
A mortar

Cone-shaped incense, totally homemade!


Put the sawdust or charcoal in a mortar and mix it with the aromatic substance you are going to use. The aromas can be varied because you can use an aromatic powder, aromatic herbs from your garden, spices from the kitchen or wood powder that has a rich aroma.
Sift these two components together to a fine powder and then add the gum arabic (you can also use a natural resin) and the liquid, be it oil, honey or wine. Transfer the materials to a large container and knead with your hands until you have a hard paste.
Place the waxed paper on the table and knead the incense paste until you get a cylinder. Then cut the cylinder into pieces and form cones. Lay the cones on the wax paper and leave them there until they harden (at least 2 weeks).
After that time, you have the natural incense cones ready to light and spread pleasant aromas throughout the house