Pérez-Reverte does not stop adding ‘I like’ with the response he has given to this tweet from the RAE

The commented tweet of the RAE. (Photo: TWITTER)

The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) has generated a strong debate on Twitter after recalling one of its most controversial rules: the word “only” is written without an accent.

The matter has been the subject of discussions for years to the point that many have decided not to abide by the ‘law’ and continue to use the accent when necessary.

This Monday, a user asked the RAE on Twitter again and asked if there are any exceptions. “Is it more of a recommendation than a rule? Is there a valid argument to continue using it? ”, He questioned.

The body could not be more categorical: “The use of the accent in the writing of the adverb ‘only’ is not justified and our recommendation is never to write it with an accent”.

Despite this, on the RAE’s own website it can be read that “when it works as an adverb, it can be branded only if there is a risk of ambiguity”, although they recommend “not to label it even in those cases and resolve the ambiguity in another way.”

That so resounding tweet from the RAE is giving a lot to talk about to the point that the writer Arturo Pérez-Reverte, curiously a member of the RAE itself, has responded to position himself against the norm.

“Well, I’m from the RAE (for 18 years and for now) and a professional writer, and I do recommend using the check mark in” only “when necessary. Which sometimes it is, for efficiency and clarity. Because one thing is the theory, and another to hit the key every day, “he stressed.

Reverte’s tweet has been very well received on Twitter, with more than 6,000 ‘likes’ in just nine hours and more than 1,200 retweets.

In addition, it has caused reactions like these:

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