Winter tests four months ago in Barcelona have shown that the Racing Point team’s new car, the RP20, is quite competitive. For this reason, Sergio Pérez and Lance Stroll finally have the opportunity to see the benefits of this racing car on the track. The Mexican and the Canadian are up for the challenge at the Red Bull Ring.

Sergio Pérez – Car # 11
2020 Austrian GP Results: Starting grid: 13th – Race: 11th

“I first ran there in 2014, so just a few years ago. I have not spent as much time in Austria as I would like, but it is a place that I really enjoy visiting. It is really unique, with beautiful landscapes: you really feel surrounded by nature It is also the home race for BWT, which has really supported us over the years, so it is important that we have a great career for them.

It’s a pretty challenging track, actually. It is a very short lap and each curve is complicated, so you must be very precise and make sure that each one is perfect. It is quite different from most tracks in that regard, because there is more pressure than normal in a single lap. Turn 3 is one of the best challenges. It can be difficult to spot its highlight, especially in traffic, but it’s cool and I enjoy it.

The wait has been very long and hard for everyone and we are already looking forward to reaching the track. It will be a bit strange, even difficult to understand at first because of all the changes, but we will have to adapt to everything. It will be different than the world is, it will be hard, but on the other hand it is important to be back. For the fans, knowing that F1 is in their country and not being able to attend the track will also be difficult and for us, running without them will be sad.

But it is what we have for now and it is certainly much better than continuing without running, although I did not stop training. To be honest, I really miss running, so I’m really looking forward to going back to the competition and seeing what we can do. “

Lance Stroll – Car # 31
2020 Austrian GP Results: Classification: 14th – Race: 14th

“Austria is amazing! It feels like home. You are in the mountains and I am definitely a mountain guy. I really like skiing and I love the outdoors. You can really enjoy the fresh air and all that spectacular scenery in Austria. I really I love going there. The layout is short and technical, which makes it feel very tight, but it also has a very nice flow.

It’s only a little over a minute for a qualifying lap, so every corner has to be successful. It is almost like a kart track in that sense. Every detail of the lap and every hundredth of a second is important. Those kinds of fractions can be the difference between two or three grid positions and that makes it really exciting. ”