It is no secret that the Racing Point RP20 is a very fast car and that it could even be the fastest after the Mercedes. For this reason, the Mexican Sergio Pérez and the Canadian Lance Stroll arrive at Silverstone with a high level of motivation, yearning to achieve very good results in that circuit, which is very close to the team’s factory.

Sergio Pérez – Car # 11
British GP 2019 Results: Starting grid: 15th – Race: 17th

“It always makes me proud to race at Silverstone. Knowing that I drive a car that nearly 500 people helped design and build in a factory across the road gives me additional motivation to do well as a ‘thank you’ to everyone at the team It can be a pretty emotional event for all of us.

We will definitely miss the fans here. They are some of the most knowledgeable in Formula 1. Some even remember when I ran here in lower categories! We miss the fans at every race we attend, but the passion of British fans is truly incredible, so it will feel very strange.

It’s great to be up front fighting again. We had a difficult year in 2019 and it shows that all the hard work we did over the winter to correct it was worth it. We have started well, but I think more is still possible. We’ve had some bad luck so far, but the best is yet to come. “

Lance Stroll – Car # 18
British GP 2019 Results: Rank: 18th – Race: 13th

“Racing at Silverstone is great for the team because it means they can stay home and travel less, which is a definite plus considering we just had a triple commitment and the new 2020 calendar is pretty full. It is also a race in home for the entire team, giving everyone extra boosts to get it right.

We miss having fans everywhere we go, but British fans are very enthusiastic. Silverstone seems like the heart of Formula 1 and you really feel that every time you race in front of those fans. It’s a shame we can’t experience it this time, but we will try to put on a good show for those who see it at home.

It is promising that we have been able to start the first three races on the right foot and show our rhythm. Now we have raced on two very different circuits, in Austria and Hungary, and we have been strong in both. That gives me confidence for the next races and we can also score a good number of points. ”