Pere Guardiola: “We are where we wanted”

06/09/2021 at 8:12 PM CEST

Marc Brugues

Pere Guardiola, Girona’s third largest shareholder and president of the club’s Board of Directors, visited the squad today and, incidentally, attended the media to review the two games to end the season. The businessman wanted underline the merit of the team to position itself again in the final of the play-off for promotion to First Division. Guardiola acknowledged that the objective, despite all the difficulties suffered during the season, was to try again.

“We are where we wanted to be”said Santpedor, who highlighted the figure of coach Francisco. “It has never been questioned. Thanks to him we have not sunk in the most fucked up moments of the course. He has a lot of energy and has managed everything very well, “he explained. In this sense, Guardiola explained that the club is with all the attention focused on” the two games against Rayo “despite the fact that, asked about the possible continuity of the coach He admitted that if he climbs “we will not have to suffer.”

Guardiola recalled the will of the club to build its own sports city. An idea that “the decline two years ago and the pandemic” stopped momentarily. “Resources are now directed to the first team and grassroots football. Even so, our plan continues to be the sports city.” In this sense, Guardiola explained that they are “in talks” with the PGA Catalunya to expand the agreement to work in the fields of La Vinya and that “there should be no problems to renew if it had to be done.”

Despite everything, the construction of the sports city may be linked to the possible promotion. “Depending on what happens at the end, we will see how we approach the issue, but it remains a clear objective. It can depend on the rise and also on the state of the pandemic, “he said.

The President of the Council also revealed that with the two capital increases of 4 and almost 16 million euros materialized a couple of weeks ago, the club has “the necessary protection in case the sporting objectives are not achieved”. “The owners are here to give stability to the club and make competitive squads to fight for the goal. The expansion comes in the sense of protecting the club,” he explained.

On the other hand, Girona already knows that it will not be able to count on Yoel Bárcenas for the Vallecas match. The winger qualified last morning for the second qualifying round of the World Cup thanks to the victory against the Dominican Republic (3-0). Now, Panama will play against Curaçao on Saturday and Tuesday, so Bárcenas would arrive, blown but on time, to play the second leg of the final next Sunday.

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