Pepillo Origel wanted to link it, recognized standupero tells it

Pepillo Origel wanted to link it, recognized standupero tells it | INSTAGRAM

It all happened in one of the most recent episodes of the incredible comedy podcast “The Cotorrisa”, where you live a brilliant guest, the charming Cacho Cantú, and it was here that he confessed that he met Pepillo Origel in a renowned area of ​​the city, while asking to go with him.

Social networks and clearly, the media looking for clicks did not miss the opportunity to talk about this, and immediately began with their speculations at the fact, stating that the comedian was harassed by Origel, however, here we will tell you everything that it was said, with everything and context.

“La Cotorrisa” is one of the best comedy podcasts nationwide, the comedians in charge are the illustrious José Luis Slobotzky, and the charming and loved by all the “parrots”; Ricardo Perez, they in duo, weekly share with their faithful public two programs full of laughter and funny moments, because in the program, they dedicate themselves to reading anecdotes from their loyal followers and making jokes about what they confidently tell them.

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It is worth mentioning that, from time to time, some other public figure, or even a colleague within the comedians’ guild, accompanies them, and he also reacts to the anecdotes and most of the times, he tells one that has also happened to him and is relate to the topic at hand.

Well, it was just what happened this past Sunday, when, from Ricardo Pérez’s YouTube channel, “Anecdotario 84” came out in the company of the famous Cacho Cantú, an incredible comedian born in Monterrey, New Lion.

Already entered the conversation, Cantú recalled once that he arrived at CDMX very young, and had the joy of meeting the famous and always controversial Pepillo Origel in person, outside a renowned area of ​​the city, while leaving a club.

In this way it was that Cacho openly commented on the fact: “in fact once Pepillo Origel tried to flirt me” he began with his story, remembering it because he was questioned about how they have received him in the city each time he arrives, and later Slobo mentioned to RookieThat was when he remembered.

I was leaving a dive, all provincial with my box of eggs, I went out and there was a lot of black Suburbans outside and I said: nobody is going to pretend to come for me in an Aveo for me “, so he preferred ask for Uber Black, even if that meant eating tuna the next day.

It is worth mentioning that in previous years Cacho Cantú suffered from overweight, however, based on diets and exercise, he achieved the results of today and looks incredible, that said, Slobotzky himself was the one who asked him if by that time he was already thin , to which Cantú replied: “Yes, I was already Bichota.”

“There was a Suburban outside the club and I see how a man makes me like that inside, they make me like that”, making signs to go to that place, “and I about what, this is strange friends, but let’s investigate”, everyone later made jokes about it.

Likewise, he affirms that he replied with a negative, and clearly did not identify who it was, since the aforementioned remained inside the aforementioned car, then, he mentioned that he lowered the glass and realized that it was Pepillo Origel.

“What a beautiful boy, what are you doing?”; To which he replied that he was waiting for his driver, then, Origel insisted that he go with him, to which Cantú replied again with a refusal, and just at that moment he observed that another person got out of the car and this caused him to think that something would happen to him.

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However, there were other people from the province who realized the fact and spoke to him, because they noticed that Cantú was getting nervous, this made Origel’s truck leave and that was the end of it.

To which Cacho ended up asserting that it was a brutus lapse in his life, as he had the opportunity to have met this famous television host closely and wasted it, the talk takes place from minute 9:20.

Now, taking advantage of the fact that a gossip program began with the rumor of Origel’s accusation, Cantú from his Twitter account shared a clip, saying that he managed to unlock an achievement by appearing on the front page of the aforementioned program.