Roberto Bautista He is one of the tennis players who has scheduled the most tennis activity this July. The Alicante tennis player has had to get out of the Mapfre League when qualifying for the semifinals of the Thiem’s ​​7 that is being played in Kitzbuhel, but his intention to have occupied the month prior to which he intuits, although it is difficult to say, will be the month of restart of professional tennis. About the preparation and the need to take good care of all the details, his coach has spoken Pepe Vendrell, in the pages of the newspaper ‘AS’.

Although initially the talk begins with Rober’s decision to play these exhibitions, Vendrell tells how Bautista is on a physical level in relation to the load of training and games. “The idea was to play at a decent level in those events, because now it doesn’t touch anything else. He who measures well will come well. It is clear that Rober’s age does not allow great physical and mental wear at the moment. You have to continue in a medium distance, because he takes the form very quickly. With two weeks of intense work I would be ready to compete. The breaks feel great. There are players who need more contact with the routines, but he is the opposite, the rest helps him a lot, gives him a freshness that he appreciates on the court later. Each one has a different mentality, and based on that they have to acclimatize. ”

And in all of this surely the end of last season has also had to do, very difficult, worse especially intense. “He always had some schedules and routines created by a physical trainer so that he would not get up without having to do something and thus keep his mind organized. On the contrary, it kills him. Also, since he lives on a farm with a vegetable garden, horses, chickens, he caught up on things he had pending. Last year, especially at the end, it was all very intense for him. His father passed away, he married, he started the preseason, he arrived in Australia and he was tired. He couldn’t structure everything that had happened in his head. The pregnancy of his wife was also confirmed and this break I hope will have helped him, because he was going full steam ahead. ”

Finally, on the other hand, Vendrell is not very optimistic about the return of tennis. “You have to vary, be smart, because Rober cannot have two months training at full capacity, because he is not processed for that, he does three or four weeks of preseason each year at most. You have to be realistic, things look bad “But it is not necessary to be aware of each news item, because that generates anxiety. Exhibition tournaments will be a tool to seek quality and spend minutes on the track.”