Pepe Aguilar defends his daughter from malicious comments

On May 8, the fight between Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and Joe sanders in Texas from which the boxer from Guadalajara was victorious. As is customary, the guest of the night to sing the Mexican national anthem was Ángela Aguilar and although her presentation was formidable, it was not without some criticism since many of her compatriots on social networks considered that the interpretation of the 17-year-old girl it was not correct. Faced with the situation, the singer’s father, Pepe Aguilar, gave his opinion on the matter and the controversy was open.

Angela Aguilar© @ pepeaguilar_oficial

The interpreter of For women like you was encouraged to air his position on the issue in which his daughter has been at the center of the news and admitted that his little girl’s presentation was not the best. “Yes there was a mistake, of course he watered it, but it was not to shoot her. In what did you water it? I am going to tell you, because many of those who criticize her have no idea what they are talking about, but I am going to tell you: she watered it in which she sang it as if she had taken some slow me down pills “, she expressed in a video posted on his Instagram.

Likewise, the artist referred to the comments that indicate that his daughter would have changed the tone of her national anthem.

“He neither modulated nor modified, he was just singing it slower and it was definitely badly sung. When Angela comes out, the hearing aids she brought were not working, they could not be heard and Angela’s mistake there is that she had forgotten about that, so if you don’t have the experience, you are going to sing slower, because you are going to try to compensate and try to get to that ”, he stressed.

He also said that the lack of experience played a trick on his daughter Angela and that for that reason they should not criticize her so harshly.

“He should have had the ability to have gotten out of that problem, but he doesn’t have it, he didn’t have it, and for each other: if the girl is breaking it at 17 it is because she has been working since she was very young, but she is 17 ”, He commented.

For her part, Ángela Aguilar was grateful for having had the opportunity to sing after so long and before so many people, since the pandemic froze all kinds of activities for singers.

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