Recovering from one of the biggest upsets of his life. This is the singer Chenoa, after having to cancel her wedding with the doctor Miguel Sánchez Encinas, scheduled for next July 14 due to the coronavirus crisis. And this is demonstrated on their social networks. The Argentine woman, bespectacled with love, has uploaded a romantic image with her future husband that accompanies with the text: “Happy June everyone. I can’t ask for more.

The image, in which she is seen in a very affectionate posture with her future husband, Miguel Sánchez Encinas, has generated numerous comments. The publication already accumulates more than 32,000 likes, among which are other famous people such as Paula Echevarría.

It also accumulates hundreds of comments. As usual, the singer has been very close to her followers, with whom she has interacted extensively. “Thank you very much”, “you are a love”, Chenoa replied to the multiple comments, among which were some ex-triumphs, like Natalia. “I fall on my ass,” other followers assured him.

This image reinforces the love between the singer and her partner, to whom the quarantine has not taken its toll. At the moment it is unknown how long he will have to postpone his Chenoa wedding.

“The wedding is on hiatus,” explained the singer. to the aforementioned publication without knowing very well what will happen to your link. And it is that for lack of certainty about the future restrictions that the government dictates, Chenoa is clear that getting married will marry her partner, that yes, that they have invited is another thing.

Hopeful that this whole situation will end, Chenoa has been very nervous in recent months about her partner’s work. A doctor at a Madrid hospital, Miguel has had to deal with the coronavirus outbreak from the front line. A situation in which the singer has supported him to the fullest.

While waiting to find out what happens to his future wedding, Chenoa has decided to pause his link to focus on what really matters now: winning the battle at COVID-19.

Born in Argentina and raised in Mallorca, Chenoa rose to fame in the reallity Operación Triunfo. After the program he began a successful career as a singer, which he continues to this day. S His romantic relationships have always been highly discussed, especially the one he had with fellow singer David Bisbal, whom he met on the television program.