Pensionissste, how you can increase your voluntary savings

Workers who work in Federal Government agencies are registered with the Institute of Social Security and Services for State Workers (ISSSTE), which have the option of increasing their voluntary savings in order to have a better pension.

Voluntary Savings consists of making complementary contributions to the Individual Account in your AFORE and they could serve as support, in the event that in the future you have an economic emergency, so here we tell you how you can increase it in Pensionissste.

Pensionissste, how you can increase your voluntary savings. Photo: My Pocket.

There are different alternatives for you to make your voluntary contributions, in addition to the minimum amount in some cases, is 50 pesos.

1.- By electronic transfer

For you to make voluntary contributions to your Individual Account, access the app on your cell phone or your computer of the banking institution of your choice, this process will not take long.

2.- Automatic charge to your debit card

Here you can set the amount you want to be deducted from your debit card, so that money will be automatically transferred to your individual account.

In this case, you can make deposits from 100 to 50 thousand pesos.

In order for you to direct your Voluntary Savings at AFORE Pensionissste, you have to present the following documents: valid official identification and a copy of your debit card statement.

3.- Go to convenience stores

You can save at convenience stores such as: 7-Eleven, Círculo K, Extra, Telecomm, Banco del Bienestar, La Red de la Gente, Walmart, Sams Club, Superama, Bodega Aurrera, Chedraui, Farmacias del Ahorro, Yastás and Punto Recharge throughout Mexico, from 50 pesos and as long as you want.

It is necessary that you present your CURP, there is no commission charge and it is important that you receive proof of your deposit. and that you verify that your information is correct.

4.- Solidarity Savings

You can sign up for Solidarity Savings, if you are part of a Federal Government agency, in which you save the amount you want through payroll discounts, in this mode you can save 1 or 2% of your salary.

For each peso that you contribute, your dependency must deposit three pesos and twenty-five cents.

5.- Using your mobile device

You can save at any time of day using your cell phone, just download the Transfer application, enter your phone number and create a PIN, then go to the Beet section, choose the AFORE option, write your CURP and indicate the amount of money you want to contribute .

6.- AFORE App

Through the AforeMóvil app, you can make voluntary contributions from your device, through the voluntary savings option or by choosing the GanAhorro option, in which you make a purchase via GanAhorro through the application and in exchange you receive a percentage of your purchase for free, which is automatically credited to your ISSSTE Individual Account.

It is worth mentioning that you can check that all your contributions are deposited, through the account statements, which will arrive three times a year at the address or email you have provided.

For more information, contact the Call Center from CDMX at 55 5062 0555 and from the interior of the Republic at 800 400 1000.

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