Pemex, in the top 5 of companies with the most income from the use of ocean resources

Henrik Österblom, from the Stockholm Resilience Center at Stockholm University, one of the authors of the study, said that if the ‘100 Oceanic’ were a country they would represent the 16th largest economy on the planet, because together they accumulate income from 1.1 trillion dollars in 2018. “Measured by income, the ‘100 Oceanic’ are equivalent to 100 times the gross domestic product of Mexico,” he added.

Divided by industry, oil and gas exploration and extraction, with revenues of $ 830 billion annually, represents 45% of the economic benefits obtained from the oceans, according to the study.

The manufacture and construction of maritime materials and equipment obtained revenues of 354,000 million dollars (19% of the total), followed by obtaining food from the sea with 276,000 million dollars (15%), and ocean freight of containers with 156,000 million dollars (8%).

Other industries that benefit from ocean resources are shipbuilding and repair, cruise ship tourism, port activities, and offshore installations for the use of wind energy.

“The ocean economy continues to grow as commercial use of the oceans accelerates while the achievement of international goals for ocean conservation and sustainability lags,” the report said.

In this context, he added, the capacity of the private sector to impede efforts to achieve sustainable development or, alternatively, reduce current trajectories of use of the oceans, assuming leadership of business management of the biosphere, is increasingly recognized. .