Monday July 13, 2020

Dozens of players have had the possibility of raising Chile’s name internationally with titles and great performances. But leading a glorious campaign is a more complex mission. That is why we remember the most successful national technicians abroad.

By Nicolás Acevedo B.

With the main leagues in the world coming to its definition, the first movements of the international football crane begin to be known. One of those was the arrival of Manuel Pellegrini at Real Betis. The arrival of the Chilean strategist to the whole of Seville is part of the extension of a triumphant career as technical director in international soccer.

Given this, we reviewed the history of Creole football and we recall the great campaigns abroad achieved by the five most successful technical directors abroad.

The ‘Tata’ is undoubtedly one of the most influential Chilean coaches in Chilean soccer. Player and coach trainer who took the name of Chile to the top.

The coach who reached third place in the 1962 World Cup with the ‘Roja’ made an outstanding career as a player that culminated in France, the same place where he obtained his soccer coach license.

Riera directed 14 clubs and a team, in which Nacional de Uruguay, Boca Juniors, Espanyol, Porto, Sporting de Lisboa, Marseille, Monterrey, Universidad de Chile, Universidad Católica and others stand out. But where it came out the most was in Benfica, a team in which he was in two periods (1962-1963 and 1966-1967). There he achieved two leagues (1963 and 1967) and a Champions League final (1963).

Primary and physical education teacher, but a football vividor. Hernán Carrasco is among the select group of debutant coaches with a title and is one of the most winning in the history of soccer in El Salvador. His career as a technician premiered at Colo Colo immediately taking the 1960 championship.

He was also technical assistant to Fernando Riera at the 1962 World Cup, to later go through O’Higgins and Audax Italiano. But his greatest successes were in El Salvador where he was in two periods (1965-1970 and 1986-2001). There he led six teams, achieving six national tournaments and a Concacaf Champions Cup.

Vicente Cantatore

Argentine soccer player who excelled in Chilean soccer, mainly during the 1960s, he stayed in the country to start his career as a coach and thus begin a great career in technical management.

His attachment to Chile generated the nationalization of the strategist who after good campaigns, especially with Cobreloa, managed to take over the Chilean National Team in 1984, but disagreements with the leadership caused his rapid departure.

After this, Cantatore managed to make the leap to Europe, where he was in two cycles (1985-1991 and 1994-2001). Despite not getting any championship in foreign soccer, his teams managed to stand out, which generated him being able to settle down and settle in Spain. Among the teams he commanded include Valladolid, Seville, Betis, Sporting Lisboa, Rosario Central, Colo Colo, Universidad Católica and among others.

The one born in Audax was one of the most talented midfielders in the history of Chilean soccer and represented the ‘Roja’ on countless occasions, including at the 1974 World Cup.

But his greatest successes were in Mexico. He is one of the greatest idols in the history of America, where he achieved important titles as a player and coach.

He never left Mexico again and his career as a coach was spent there. In 28 years as a coach, he led 12 teams, where he won three First Division championships, a Mexico Cup and a Promotion Championship. América, León, San Luis and Veracruz were the clubs with which Reinoso could shout champion as a strategist.

The new Real Betis coach is the most winning Chilean coach abroad. Fernando Riera’s student played throughout his career as a footballer at Universidad de Chile, a club that gave him the opportunity to debut as a coach in 1988, descending in that season.

But that setback was not an impediment for Pellegrini to become a world-renowned coach.

Real Madrid, Manchester City, West Ham, Villarreal, Málaga, San Lorenzo, River Plate are some of the clubs in which the strategist has led.

In his more than 30 years as a coach, Pellegrini has won nine titles as a coach, in which one Premier League, two England League Cups, two Argentine Closing Championships, one Inter-American Cup and one Mercosur Cup stand out.

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