Tuesday June 30, 2020

Although his name has sounded in various teams after being dismissed from West Ham United, the Engineer appears as the main card of the ‘Betico’ team, that is why they have already negotiated the signing of the Chilean coach. In addition, the strategist appears as an option in Valencia and Fenerbahce.

The Engineer lets himself be loved. If a few days ago his landing at Fenerbahce appeared as practically certain, now the option for Manuel Pellegrini to take over the reins of Real Betis is gaining strength, as the negotiations have already progressed.

The Chilean coach began the negotiations with the « Betica » directive last week, where both parties presented their requirements. And the negotiations were very close to being finalized, so only details would be missing to seal the operation.

The coach is seduced to return to the League and in the Seville table they estimate that the Chilean could reissue his good campaigns in the Spanish tournament, where he previously successfully led Villarreal, Málaga and Real Madrid.

Anyway, the Sevillian team has as plan B the Croatian Nenad Bjeliça. While the former Manchester City coach is also in the orbit of Valencia and Fenerbahce, so now it only remains to define where he will resume activity after his abrupt departure from West Ham United in late 2019.