In recent days we have seen how a series of musicians and artists are doing their bit for the pandemic due to the coronavirus that is fighting the world, the vast majority are playing from home or taking out tracks so that their fans can enjoy these days of social isolation necessary to prevent the virus from spreading, however some have been infected with COVID-19 and one of them is Pelle Almqvist, the leader and vocalist of The Hives.

On March 31, the singer The Swedish band’s Facebook account published a message addressed to all their fans in black pajamas and sitting in a fireplace, where announced that he is also struggling with the coronavirus after all. But don’t shrink us, because the frontman said that he already felt a little better and that he was in the last stages of the infection, and seeing that flatly the concerts of both them and other artists have been canceled or postponed around the world, in The Hives they have decided to do something about it.

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As he and the rest of the world try to overcome the virus in our own way, The Hives will be sharing some concerts that we are sure will interest you in a series called Hivemanor Livemanor, where they will show their fans never before seen performances by the band. The first of them published it on their Instagram account and It is a show that the Swedes gave in January 2009 at the Metro Theater in Sydney, Australia.

That night, Pelle Almqvist and company offered a completely different set than what they have accustomed us, as they played pure covers. There were a total of 11 songs that were thrown at that concert, where the Hives’ own versions of some classics such as “Beast of Burden” by the Rolling Stones or “Hollywood Babylon” by the MisfitsThey also paid tribute to bands that marked them as The Hellacopters, Dion, The Saints and more. All to end the ideal song in their setlist, “Tick Tick Boom”.

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If you want to check the first show that The Hives will share in these days of quarantine or social isolation, You can add it in full below:

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Hello Hives Fans in varying stages of Coronatine Quarantine worldwide. Welcome to The Hivemanor Livemanor. This is Howlin ‘Pelle of The Hives. I am at the end of week one of what I think is Covid-19 infection. Feeling slightly better. Like us, a lot of you are now home with extra time on your hands. And since shows are being postponed or canceled – like us, you may be missing the live rock show experience. Luckily, we have quite a few shows saved in the vault! We will start releasing them here on the worldwide web for free so you have something to watch while in Coronatine. I suggest using large speakers and turning up so you can slam dance around your home, and thus getting your daily exercise, but headphones work too. Please no tiny computer speakers. First up is a show we did some years ago in Australia. It’s an all covers show so it will feature a bunch of shit you have never heard us play, and that we have not played at any other shows. Super exclusive shit indeed. Unless you were there, which statistically most of you could not have been. It was in Sydney at the Metro Theater. I watched it afterwards and gave myself goosebumps. Hope you get some too. We will be reporting back soon with another show. I think it will be a French one from The Black and White Album tour. Love you all. Stay in, stay well, and wash your hands. The Hives HIVEMANOR LIVEMANOR: Metro Theater in Sydney, AUS – 5 January 2009 Covers show made possible by our friends at @vice and @moshcam_pics 1. Born to Cry (Dion and The Belmonts cover) 2. Early Morning Wake Up Call (Flash and the Pan cover) 3. Nasty Secretary (Joy Rider and Avis Davis cover) 4. Hollywood Babylon (Misfits cover) 5. Beast of Burden (The Rolling Stones cover) 6. Lost and Found (The Saints cover) 7. Little Lil ( Mel Dorsey cover) 8. Stormy Weather (Billie Holiday cover) 9. (Gotta Get Some Action) Now! (The Hellacopters cover) 10. Stop and Think It Over (Compulsive Gamblers cover) 11. Tick Tick Boom #thehives #hivemanorlivemanor #thehivesaustralia #coronatine #stayhome

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